Master Bathroom Remodel

Master Bathroom Remodel

About the project

Master Bathroom Remodel


We recently completed a master bathroom remodel project that involved updating the shower, floors, closet, and sink to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Shower Update

The existing shower was updated with new tiles and fixtures to create a modern and luxurious look. We removed the old tiles and installed new tiles in the shower area, including a new shower floor. The shower fixtures were upgraded to a more contemporary style to complement the new tiles.

Flooring Update

The bathroom flooring was updated with a durable vinyl plank flooring. We removed the old flooring and installed new flooring to create a cohesive and modern look throughout the bathroom.

Master Closet Update

The master closet was updated with new shelving and custom storage solutions to maximize space and improve organization. We installed new custom-built shelving and storage compartments to provide ample storage space for the homeowner's personal belongings.

Sink Update

The sink and vanity were updated with a new modern style to complement the new shower and flooring updates. We replaced the existing sink and vanity with a new one that provides ample storage space and is more aesthetically pleasing.

Finishing Touches

To complete the project, we installed any necessary trim work and thoroughly cleaned the entire bathroom space. The homeowner was consulted throughout the process to ensure their satisfaction with the final product.


Overall, the master bathroom remodel project successfully enhanced the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space while increasing its value. The new updates created a cohesive and modern look throughout the bathroom, making it more inviting and enjoyable for the homeowner.

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